Green Super Smoothie with Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Ashwaghanda, Goji Berries and Marine Greens


1 cup tropical frozen fruit blend
1 container vanilla coconut yogurt
1 handful of raw baby spinach
1 scoop @bareorganicssuperfoods Spirulina powder
1 scoop @bareorganicssuperfoods wheatgrass
1 scoop @bareorganicssuperfoods marine supergreens powder
1 scoop @bareorganicssuperfoods ashwaghanda
1 packet of marine collagen or vegan collagen booster- dash of cinnamon - almond milk (less for a thicker drink, more for a more liquid-y beverage) .

@bareorganicssuperfoods goji berries
@bareorganicssuperfoods hemp protein - cinnamon


Just blend for one or two minutes, or until you've reached the desired consistency

Recipe includes: