Dalgona Matcha & Spirulina Latte


1/2 a can of aquafaba (the liquid from a can of chickpeas which when vigorously mixed turns fluffy & stiffens like whipped cream), 2 Tbsp organic cane sugar (or BareOrganics coconut sugar), 2 tsp organic matcha, 1/2 tsp. BareOrganics spirulina Powder, 2 Tbsp warm water.


First mix the aquafaba using a mixer for almost 10 minutes to get it stiff. Slowly sprinkle in the matcha & spirulina, then combine the sugar & water and slowly mixed in. 

Then Coconut milk & unsweetened almond milk on ice then a hefty dollop of matcha dalgona & a dusting of matcha with matcha biscuit sticks.

Recipe includes: