BareOrganics Superfoods Coffee Named Product of The year USA 2024

This year’s awards highlight the most innovative products in various trending categories, with winners selected through a national study of 40,000 American consumers. The Product of the Year seal received by each winner helps buyers identify the best new products on the shelves. BareOrganics ( Superfoods Coffee was named Product of the Year in the Best Functional Health Product category. BareOrganics products are 100% USDA Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Keto/Paleo Friendly, and the coffees boast low acidity. The coffees come both ground and in BPA free Kcups. The coffees are available at Sprouts, Amazon and BareOrganics is owned by DIYA Beauty and Wellness.

Bestseller FOCUS, a medium roast blend of herbs, supports healthy focus and concentration. FOCUS Coffee with Superfoods is artisan dark roast Arabica coffee from Nicaragua that is infused with probiotics, free from chemicals and additives, superfood powered with Ashwagandha, Mushrooms, Cacao, Gingko, Maca and more, and made in a solar powered facility, consistent with the company’s attention to sustainability. An equal amount of attention is paid towards taste, boosted by the cinnamon, nutmeg and cacao. CARDIO CARE, with a self-explanatory function, has a rich coffee flavor in a medium blend with a twist of cinnamon and a hint of cacao, with natural antioxidants, with probiotics supporting digestive health. The medium roast ENERGIZING coffee, with a flavorful smooth and slightly nutty finish, provides natural energy support from the antioxidants and Beta-D-Glucans, with revitalizing maca, guarana, cordyceps mushrooms, and schisandra. And last, but definitely not least, is DAILY DEFENSE, a robust dark roast brew with a citrus finish. Boosted by vitamins C, D, and zinc, the immunity benefits are a bonus to the exceptional flavor.

CEO Angie Everhart, who was in New York to receive the Product of the Year Award, acquired the brand recently and, along with her partner, Renee Niles, president of the company, is dedicated to not only providing healthy, tasty and sustainable products, they are committed to giving back. A portion of the profits from each sale will be donated to a non-profit in the region from which the ingredients in that product are sourced. Angie said, “We will be focused on supporting our farmers and providers of our organic raw materials as a starting place to allow for continued sustainable practices and caring for Mother Earth.

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